nail·pre·neur (noun): A nail professional who starts their own nail business and also excels in entrepreneurial business skills. 


Enrollment for the Spring course is now closed. 


Please scroll down to be added to the waitlist for future courses!

Enrollment for the Spring course is now closed. 


Please scroll down to be added to the waitlist for future courses!

nail·pre·neur (noun) A nail professional who starts their own nail business and also excels in entrepreneurial business skills. 




Hear what recent Nailpreneur grads have to say:


" The tools Julie's class has given me will literally hit the "fast-forward" button on my career projection." 

"The amount of information Julie passes on to her students is both ABUNDANT and PRICELESS. I feel so confident reaching out to agencies and publications, now- which I never would have known how to before. I could not recommend enough for you to invest in yourself and the future of your nail business. You will be SO glad you did!"

Britt Higgins, @britts_nail_bar


"Julie has not only showed me how, but she’s helped me every step of the way." 

"As an experienced Nail Artist, Educator and Entrepreneur I thought possibly the “high point” of my career had passed me by. As it turns out, by taking Julie’s course, I discovered I have what it takes to be great, I just needed to know how to capitalize on it.

I expanded my repertoire to include so many things beyond the manicure table like doing home visits for VIP’s, teaching as an independent brand for myself and reaching out to major hotel chains to become their “go-to-gal” for spa operations consulting. This is just the beginning!

Lauren Denney, @blacklabelnaildesign


" I feel like I found the cheat code with this course!" 

"Julie poured so much into us and I feel like my career has been catapulted at least 5 years! The knowledge gained and relationships built during this course are invaluable. Thank you Julie!"

Stephanie Coles, @stcrea_studio

" I learned so much in Julie’s class "

"I joined Julie’s class right after opening my studio. I learned so much in Julie’s class about how to handle celebrity clients, ensure I am paid FAIRLY for my work, as well as how to price my work for both in person and editorial/social media. There were so many resources Julie shared and I feel more confident in my journey. Julie was very generous with her time ensuring we got all of our questions answered and provided practical advice. Also this experience allowed me to connect with fellow nail professionals and her community"

Mallory Mazer, @_mkmnails_


"Everything is clear and understandable in your course."

"Julie boosted my confidence in working with clients and we worked through my fears of price increases. I received a lot of valuable information on how to provide VIP services and built my confidence and now I have worked with a jewelry company to start to build my photo shoot portfolio!

I like clear instructions of what I need to do and don't need to do. Everything is clear and understandable in your course. I am very happy that I took this course. Very grateful!"

Sofie Roth, @sofierothnails


"My nail career has transformed before my eyes!"

Julie has boosted my confidence within myself and my nail career tremendously. With Julie’s support, I landed my first major brand campaign with Coach! Since the Nailpreneur course, I developed my skills better for editorial shoots. Every new skill has led me to paid social media partnerships with a major professional gel brand. Julie builds the individual for any job in the most smart and innovative way possible

LaTara Haye, @tipsXtara


"I HIGHLY recommend this class to nail techs of all levels"

"Classes in the nail world usually focus on technique & are aimed at those in the salon & studio world. In this course, Julie has generously shared her vast wealth of knowledge and experience with beginners and advanced techs alike. She doesn’t gatekeep or hold any information back (like so many other educators) and unlike other classes I have taken, Julie is personally invested in your career and growth. I’ve never experienced that! It is so great to feel Julie’s support & mentorship and makes me so happy to know I have someone of her caliber in my corner.

I HIGHLY recommend this class to nail techs of all levels. Julie K’s course gave me the confidence & knowledge base to go out and achieve my goals and I will forever be glad that I took the course and I am well on my way to being a “Nailpreneur!”

Christina Guerra, @christinagnails

"If ever there was a manicurists' brain I'd want to peek into, it's Julie Kandalec's"

I'm not a stranger to set work or the entertainment industry and what Julie brings to the table is VERY unique. It's very rare in this industry to encounter somebody at Julie's level who is so open about their process from branding, etiquette, organization and everything in between.

After pivoting away from session work to focus on building my salon, I was ready to get back into the game. I really was looking to get out of my head, re-work my kit, figure out my representation and realign my professional compass. I recently signed with a top artist agency in Los Angeles and couldn't be more grateful to count Julie as a friend and mentor through the next phase of my career.

Rachel Messick,


"Living in a small town won't stop me from reaching new heights."

Before joining Julie's Nailpreneur course, I was a few months into the reopening of my studio post pandemic. I knew I wanted to grow in different ways within the industry, but my confidence was lacking. Deciding to invest in myself opened my eyes to so many new possibilities and connected with other amazing nail pros. I learned how to pitch myself for freelance work, be on the lookout for future collaborations, and how living in a small town won't stop me from reaching new heights.

Priscila Quezada, @nailmeandco


I am an NYC nail professional who is obsessed with giving the nail industry a better name, and that starts with education. I have over 20 years of actual, real nail experience (and yes, I still see clients in my Manhattan atelier) and my regular celebrity clients include Jessica Chastain, Camila Cabello and Joe Jonas, plus campaigns for brands like CND, OPI, Essie, Chanel, Gucci, LeVian, Tiffany & Co and Urban Decay.
NYFW is part of my DNA and I have been a lead artist backstage for over 10 consecutive years and nearly 80 major shows like Oscar de la Renta, Thom Browne, Rodarte, and The Blonds. My clients have walked red carpets at every major awards show and my manicures have held statuettes from the SAG's, Golden Globes, and more than one Oscar. 
An experienced educator with over 12 years of teaching experience, I have testimonials to prove my student's successes. Most frequently teaching in-person, the requests to help fellow nail professionals with business mindset and entrepreneurial skills skyrocketed in 2020, but there was one problem: there was only one of me.
So I decided to go digital and create this course. Welcome to NAILPRENEUR: Where Nails + Entrepreneurship Merge


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How do I know if this course is right for me?

This course is for overworked, licensed or currently working nail professionals who want to grow past the confines of their salon or desk. It's for nail professionals who want to set themselves apart from other pros in their local market, and nail professionals who want to expand their business, gain major credibility, and earn more money!

But what if I'm a nail technician student, or a makeup artist, esthetician, hairstylist, etc?

This course is designed with working nail pros in mind, but if you want to join us, please email us to set up a quick chat to see if it's the right fit for you!

(What You'll Learn:


Module 1  -  March 5th

Building your Brand Part 1

Begin building your brand kit - an easily-digestible guide to your brand’s visual identity

SPECIAL GUEST: Reonna Green, Esq., Beauty Business Lawyer @shetrademarks (Live chat, Wednesday, March 8th at 1pm EST)


Module 2 - March 11th or 13th

Building Your Brand Part 2

Complete your brand kit & solidify your brand identity to stand apart in the beauty space


Module 3 - March 19th

Get Instagram Ready 

Elevate your social media for top clients and paid brand partnerships. PLUS, a hands-on content creation activity with essie! 

SPECIAL GUEST: Halle Butler, Manager of Brand Management, essie @essie and @hallebnails


Module 4 - March 26th

VIP Mobile Housecall & Hotel Visit Services

Learn how to elevate your mobile manicuring services to attract new and high-paying clients


Module 5 - April 2nd

Behind the Scenes as an Editorial Manicurist Part 1  

Discover the unwritten secrets of success to working on set, working with celebrities, kit curation & setup.


Week of April 9: (Easter/Passover Spring Break - No Class)


Module 6 - April 16th

Behind the Scenes as an Editorial Manicurist Part 2  

I share on-set etiquette, creating a moodboard and shoot inspiration with hands-on activity, and discuss rates 


Module 7 - April 23rd

Celebrity Clients & Public Relations

Exactly how to find celebrity & VIP clients in any city plus an interview with a publicist

SPECIAL GUEST: Alyx Carr, Entertainment and Celebrity PR, Searchlight Pictures 


Module 8 - April 29th

Discussing Money & Signing with an Agency

I chat with my L.A. agent on how to become a beauty agency’s #1 pick, billing & invoicing, and what agents look for before signing an artist.

SPECIAL GUEST: Christina Aviles Aude, Celebrity Manicurist-turned-Founder of Startouch Agency @startouchagency


Graduation - Week of May 8th


Gifts From:


1. How long will I need to wait before I can watch these trainings? I want to binge watch!
Ahh I love binging a good TV show. But this isn't TV - this is real education that you'll want to do your best to stay on schedule with as there will be fun activities to do along the way. Plus it's the best way to build your nail community - by going through the course together! You can binge re-watch at the end if you're craving it 😉  
2. When will the modules be released, and what if I'm not in the U.S.?
Modules will be released every Sunday, and live calls will be every Monday evening*. Not in the U.S? That's why they will also be recorded for you to watch anytime - from any time zone.  
3. I saw that everyone got nail mail from CND, Red Iguana, Gelish, Lights Lacquer, and Essie worth over $1,500** last season! Will I get one too?
I am lucky to have great relationships with many incredible brands - so the probability is very high that some gifts will be involved 😉
4. But Julie, my schedule is crazy busy. How big of a time commitment is this?
If you're busy, then you really need this! My goal is to free up your time for what you really want to be doing - whether its planning a trip to Napa, sleeping in, taking a Pilates class, spending more time with your family, looking up at the stars, whatever you want to do that is NOT work!
I'm giving you a ton of valuable content to really set you up for success and don't forget - it will be available on-demand and the members-only Facebook group and community will always be there to support you along the way! In a nutshell: the Nailpreneur course is a one-stop, 360' path to success.
5. How long do I have access to the content?
How about lifetime? 😊 I put 20+ years of my career into this for you, and I want to be sure you squeeze every bit out of it that you can.
6. I'm nervous about the investment. Is it worth it?
I get it. Investing in yourself and your future can be scary! But know that everything I teach you are tried-and-true things that have worked for me, and for others too. Reach out to other graduates if you'd like - several are listed in the testimonials above, and I follow them on my IG, @julieknailacademy
7. What is the start date? What if I can't join this one, will there be another one?
We are scheduled for Spring 2023, starting the week of March 6th, 2023. There are no guarantees I'll hold this again - so if you want in, don't wait! 
8. How long is each module going to be?
I can't stand classes that drone on and on about less important stuff before getting to the juicy stuff in the last 10 minutes. We are all busy professionals and part of the reason you're here is to save time. I jump right into the juicy stuff without long-winded stories - expect each module to last around 2 hours of dropping gems - and some modules may be broken down even further, into mini-modules.  
9. Will there be homework?
Yes of course - it's the best way to hold yourself accountable and soak in as much Nailpreneurship as you can! There will be hands-on activities as well. 
10. What if I change my mind? What is the return policy?
My students have always shown positive transformations and results with receipts to prove it. Due to the context of the course, no refunds will be given.
*Date or time shift may occur on 3/12 (Academy Awards) and 4/9 (Easter Sunday.
**Gifts are a bonus and should not be expected. Value is not guaranteed. Grads located out of the US may be subject to customs and duties fees and shipping.

Ready to join?

This is what you'll get:

Members will receive:

  • On-demand, customized (not recycled!) modules with me with lifetime access
  • Live weekly calls to get your questions answered fast
  • A members-only Facebook group to grow your nail community
  • My exact packing list of what to bring on set and to private clients, complete with links
  • Interviews with beauty professionals to get your questions answered. Past guests have been CND co-founder Jan Arnold, plus top beauty, public relations, social media professionals, and more. 
  • AND My Nail Art Design Book as an added bonus!

PLUS! Graduates are added to my referral list for jobs.

And maybe some other gifts or surprises along the way...


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Tap the link below to be notified as soon as the next course is announced. 

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